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Johnston Fiss Insurance

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Our Vision. Our Values.

We balance a rich history of integrity, professionalism & commitment to service with innovation, technology & creativity which continues to build lasting partnerships with our clients.

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Core Values:

  • Clients come first- They are the reason we are in business
  • Integrity matters most- Always do the right thing
  • Commitment to service- We will exceed expectations
  • Respect one another- We recognize & value the talents & roles of each other
  • Inspire innovation- We encourage creativity and seek new ideas
  • Hard work- Nothing gets accomplished without it
  • Trusted partner - Our success is measured by our long term relationships

Your Insurance. Your Peace of Mind.

Every day we are exposed to varying types of risk ... in our businesses, in our homes, on the road and to our health. While Johnston Fiss Insurance can't prevent all risks, we can help you identify them, develop plans to reduce or avoid them, and implement insurance and risk management programs to transfer the risk and help you recover in the event you do suffer a loss. We strive to protect what matters most - providing you peace of mind.

Shawnee MissionInsurance

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Shawnee MissionInsurance
Shawnee MissionInsurance

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Johnston Fiss Insurance : Serving the personal & business insurance needs of Kansas since 1965. A Shawnee Mission KS based Insurance Agent